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Homebrewers Of Powell is a Registered AHA Club

We’re a community of homebrewers in Powell, Ohio, dedicated to exploring and celebrating brewing knowledge, beer and other home-fermented beverages. We share tips, trade pints and aim to have fun in the process.

**Join us One-Half Hour Early this month on February 18th at 7:00pm, for a special Presentation from Evan Hudgens – Nocterra’s resident “Yeast Wrangler”!

Evan will be speaking to us Homebrewers about Yeast – how to use, collect, store and re-use our yeast. This will help us gain invaluable money-saving insight, so that we can begin to build our own yeast banks, keep them healthy, and continue to pitch them in our brews!

Any questions about Yeast are fair game – it will be a super helpful and insightful discussion!

We will aslo be holding our club’s “First Quarter Homebrew Competition” for our Social and HOPhead members. This quarter’s acceptable categories are “Porters/Stouts/Dark Beers”. Each submission will be scored by our judges on the AHA/BJCP Beer Scoresheet; giving you valuable insight regarding your brew. Scores will be assigned in each of the 5 categories as utilized in sanctioned competition. Plan on attending, and participating in the evening’s activities! See you there!

WE WANT YOU to Join Us! We are a Registered Club with the American Homebrewers Association.

Whether you are an Experienced brewer, or a complete Newbie, you can find information and learn more about making great beer.

Support the homebrewing community and learn to brew the best beer in the world!

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