HOPsToberfest Homebrew Competition

“The BATTLE for the PADDLE”

HOPsTOBERFEST was unfortunately not able to be held this year, due to COVID restrictions and limitations. However, we don’t want that to keep us from “The Battle for The Paddle” this year! Challenge our current trophy holder Jeff Lagusch, and you’ll win the paddle and title of “Braumeister” – HOPsTOBERFEST Champ for 2020-21!

We have decided to combine our September and November competitions into one, and the outcome will decide the winner for the Paddle this year.

Beers must be submitted by/at our November Meeting, which is to be held on the evening of November 17th. Submit (2) 12-oz bottles of your beer, unmarked. The Official Registration form the contest is posted BELOW. All information should be completed by12 noon, Tuesday, November 17th, 2020..

This competition will be judged by the brewers and staff at Nocterra!

GET BREWING, and compete with your club! Good luck!!

As of November 30, 2020, there have been 16 Entries received.

HOPsToberfest Homebrew Competition

HOPs members - Enter your beer today for your chance to win the coveted Mash Paddle!
  • One Beer Per Entry Form.

    You must complete this entry form for EACH entry you wold like to be judged. You will then receive an email containing your Unique Entry Number, which needs to be Printed out and attached to your bottles with a rubber band when you turn in the entry.
    • This competition is open to HOPs Members only.
    • Each Entry must be registered on-line through the form located at https://www.powellbrewers.com/event/2020-hopstoberfest-club-competition/ (one entry = one form submission)
    • Only non-commercially brewed beer
    • 100 maximum entries for the competition
    • Must be 21 or older
    • Entry must be registered by November 16th, 2020
    • (2) 12 oz bottles per entry
    • No larger, flip-top, corked or wine bottles
    • De-label bottles, no writing on caps
    • Print TWO (2) COPIES of the entry confirmation received in your email, and Rubberband 1 tag to each bottle
    • Deliver the 2 bottles to Nocterra by Tuesday, November 17th by 6pm.
    • Entries will be judged by Nocterra's professional brewers and staff in a closed session
    • Judge sheets and awards will be issued following the completed judging.

    Drop-off dates:
    November 16th to November 17th by 6pm - deliver your entries to Nocterra Brewing Co.

    Have a question?
    Email hello@powellbrewers.com, or call Nick DeFrancisco @ (614) 654-0759

  • Give the judges a SHORT description of your beer
  • General Categorization of your entry
  • (for example: 4B Festbier) - see a complete listing HERE, for reference
  • **AFTER SUBMISSION - Please check your Email for Bottle Labels and entry confirmation. If you don't receive, be sure to check your Junk Mail filter, or contact us to receive a copy.

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